This is Why Thanos Couldn’t Just Double The Amount of Resources In The Universe.

After watching the infinity saga, most viewers were left under the impression that it may not have made a lot of sense. Thanos claims that it’s mercy to wipe out half of all life, even though it’s painless, the other half would still remember it. It would, however, stand to reason that the more merciful thing to do would be to double the universe resources and everyone would live happily ever after. Thanos did not do this. It makes you wonder.

Here’s why I think he didn’t do it:

Thanos is a genius in his own right. He’s proven it on countless occasions. I believe he may even extrapolated how long it would take for the universe’s resources to be completely used up. But with all this genius, why didn’t he double the resources?

There is a scientific law called the Law of Conservation of Mass or the first law of thermodynamics. In its most compact form, it states: matter is neither created nor destroyed. It can be transformed from one form to another, but can neither be created nor destroyed. The total amount of mass and energy in the universe is constant.

Seeing as how the MCU has gone to great lengths to be scientifically accurate, it would stand to reason that this law holds within that cinematic universe. Hence, it would be impossible for Thanos to create any additional resources. The only thing he could do, is destroy whatever was already in the universe. This is why every time he uses one of the stones to make something vanish, he turns them into bubbles, they don’t just poof out of existence. When half of all life got wiped out, they didn’t just disappear into thin air, they turned into dust to make up for the matter within them.

But hold on, aren’t the infinity stones capable of doing literally anything. One would argue. That would also be true, however, if you look at the damage that the stones did to Thanos just to destroy half of all life, one would question how much more damage it would cause to create brand new resources. We all know that destroying things is more often easier than creating, hence it would stand to reason that it is in fact possible for the infinity stones to create new matter out of nothing, but the energy requirements for any single being to do so would be so high that it is virtually impossible. So yeah, the infinity stones can create additional resources, but there is no living being capable of wielding them to that extent that they bend the laws of physics.

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