“Three of my ‘Daughters’ are Pregnant ” Professor Magoha Decries Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic .

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned out catastrophic especially to school-going teenagers who have alot of time to their disposal. Education CS George Magoha is a disappointed parent due to the fact that his ‘daughters’ have fallen pregnant in the midst of this crisis. The CS blamed the outcome on the longstay at home and also on their parents negligence .

“On a sad note, this ministry has noted that some parents , guardians and caregivers are not providing sufficient care to their children while at home ”

The CS expressed his disappointment owing to the fact that he had invested in three of his ‘daughters’ who then sought to fall pregnant instead of concentrating on their studies at this crucial time.

“…I personally went to fish out some of the poor girls and having taken them to school on scholarships, and some scholarships take even four years.Three of these form 1 girls are already pregnant in that short period.”

Magoha went to an extent of beseeching parents to sire children that they can take care of .

“…If you don’t have time to look after a child , then you don’t have any business producing one.”

He also went ahead to advise parents on the importance of spending their time with their children as they want to feel their parent’s affection.

“…I want to state without fear of contradiction that parents have to change their mindsets and love their children by spending time with them.I think that is what is lacking and I hope this won’t happen to many other daughters who are at risk especially in the slums but also in the other homes where parents have a carefree attitude …”

The closure of schools is a move the givergover has taken to in a bid to help combat the spread of the deadly virus. Many learners have taken to virtual learning while others have lacked access to the same owing to lack of internet connectivity as well as expenses while accessing the internet. CS Magoha cautioned parents on criminal activities happening on the online platforms