Thursday Hacks: 5 Ways To Spice Up That Old T-Shirt

We all have one of these, probably stuffed away in that hardly touched corner of the closet. You’ve had it for some years or maybe you just bought a size too big. If it gets lucky, you wear it on your lazy indoor days or when you’re doing laundry and other house chores. But what if you’d do more with it? I mean, total transformation. Wouldn’t that be great? Interesting, right? Good, lets jump straight into it now.

  • Rip or Cinch

If you still want to maintain your tee, then you can upgrade it instead. Turn it into a trendy rugged T-shirt by ripping the part you like in a great pattern. Better yet, create loops on both sides of the tee around your waist and lace it up. You’ll love it.

  • Gym it up

Cut off those sleeves and turn it into a gym shirt. You can add some details at the back to make it even better. I bet everyone will be asking where you bought it from in your next workout session.

  •  Skirt

Yes, it is possible and actually super easy. Cut off from just below the arms, fold, and sew in an elastic ban. You’ll end up with a pretty, short, flowy skirt.

  • Dress

Like the skirt, you can make a strapless dress if the old t-shirt is long enough. Alternatively, you can cut off the arms and make it a spaghetti straps dress. Whatever tickles your fancy.

  • Pillow cases

Well, if you don’t want to wear it anymore, why not give it other uses. And no, not a duster. Try making pretty pillow cases and stuff them up. You can even turn an old long sleeve tee into a comfort or nursing pillow. Just cut, sew and stuff.

  • Baby Dress and Rompers

Take a few old t-shirts and sew them together to make a cute little free dress for your little girl. Or cut and sew each one individually to make baby rompers. However, without sewing skills this might not be as practical. Still, worry not, there are so many other things you don’t need skills for.

  • Home Décor

You’ll need a little more time for this but it will be worth it. Let your creative side come to life, cut it into thin stripes and braid them to make headbands, bracelets or rugs. You can also make a quilt, pom poms or a wreath.

It doesn’t end there either, you can always come up with your own unique designs and turn that baggy outdated tee to a new breathe of elegance and style. Don’t let it just sit there all turned and miserable, put it into some pretty good use and an awe to behold.

Try out some of these hacks, especially now that you have all the time you need with the quarantine and curfews going on. You can include your kids and use it as a great bonding activity(if you have). Even earn from it, make and sell some. Thank me later.

Til next time, sanitize, stay safe and transform some good old baggy t-shirts.