Tips on avoiding unnecessary weight gain during quarantine


Amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, keeping off your refrigerator or kitchen is quite an impossible task. After all, everyone around the world is stuck at home right?

The lockdown is brewing stress, anxiousness, and boredom, making people turn to food for some relief. Comfort foods, snacks, desserts, junk food may help in taking the edge off, but too much of it may not be good for your health, especially for your weight. Statistics suggest soaring sales of unhealthy snack items during the period of lockdown. People are gaining weight due to lack of physical activities, overeating, and lazying around all day.

To minimize the effect of unwanted weight gain, it is important to regulate eating habits especially if you are a foodie. If you wish to come of this quarantine fit and healthy, follow these easy to go tips.

Avoid unnecessary munching

Keep a regular schedule of mealtimes. Drink a glass of water instead of reaching for a snack. Distract yourself from cravings by doing five minutes of your preferred at-home exercise. Repeat as necessary. Get an accountability partner to assist you in avoiding unhealthy snacks and large food portions. This will dim the urge to overeat.

During your mealtimes, practice portion control to prevent going over the edge with your food amounts. With time, you will get used to it thus maintaining your weight or lose even more. If you absolutely must have some unhealthy snacks, fill a small bowl, and savor each one slowly.

Distract yourself

If you’re trying to lose weight, and find yourself hungry after you’ve already eaten, you may need to find ways to get your mind off eating. Often, when we are bored or under-stimulated, we get hungry and start snacking.

Fight off this boredom by focusing on doing activities and adjusting your daily routine to avoid hunger pangs. If your go-to stress reliever is a beer or a bowl of ice cream, think of a healthier replacement.  Take a hot bath. Spend a little time on a hobby. Play with your kids or pets. Focus on a simple hobby you enjoy, like gardening, sewing, or painting. Using a hobby as a distraction can lead to an improvement in skill and a shift in focus

Avoiding foot encounters at all costs is key.

Exercise multiple times a day

Find an activity you enjoy that can be done at home or around the neighborhood provided you are maintaining social distance and health directives. Set aside time each day to work out. Doing light exercise like a walk around your area or more intense exercise like running or jogging can help you unwind and refocus. If you are in a total lockdown, watch home workout videos to guide you on the way things should be done.

Download a workout and weight tracking application to document or keep track of your weight. This way, you won’t surpass your current weight or balloon unexpectedly.

Document your journey

Record your eating habits and the times of day when you feel hungry, as well as how you feel emotionally during these times. Writing down your eating habits will help you distinguish when you’re feeling physically hungry and when you’re feeling emotionally hungry.

Recognize that this is a tough time, and everyone is dealing with challenges and uncertainties of the ongoing pandemic. You can have some chocolate or cake or chips. Just don’t make it repetitive.

Tackle a problem or chore

Be proactive with your time and complete one item on your to-do list. Or look over any chores you can do at home and get them done. Rather than reach for food, reach for the broom, the duster, or the sponge and do your dishes or clean your bathroom.


Stay hydrated

Water can pass through your digestive system very quickly, but it can still help decrease your appetite. Sip water and stay hydrated throughout the day to keep your stomach from feeling empty and keeping your hunger levels down.

You can also try drinking hot water with lemon and cayenne pepper, or hot ginger tea. Cayenne pepper can help to suppress your appetite and help your stomach stay settled and feel full. Ginger has been used for centuries as a digestive tool and can help to settle your stomach if you are suffering from hunger pangs. It is also important to detox your system


The most important thing is to be sure to eat everything mindfully. Create balance by listening and honoring your appetite, eating without the distraction of your phone, computer or TV, and eating slowly to savor and activate your senses. Stay safe.