Most Expensive Schools in Kenya

When thinking of a bright future for your children, quality education is usually one of the most important to consider. And not only that, but you also hope that your child will get to study in a holistic environment, interact with other bright minds, enjoy great boarding facilities, high-end study equipment and above all, have your child’s needs catered for by top-notch tutors.

All this is possible but as you know, all things of quality come at a price. For those willing to give their children more than the regular basic 8-4-4 education which is taught in most schools, you should be willing to part with an enviable sum of money as these quality schools barely come cheap.

If you are looking for such schools in Kenya, you have come to the right place. In this article, I will show you the top 5 best and most expensive schools in Kenya in the year 2020. The centres for education where rich business tycoons and even millionaires take their children to study.

The fee asked in these study centres is too expensive for the common mwananchi to afford as it ranges from around seven hundred thousand to 2 million Kenyan shillings for each school term.

For this lump sum of money, the schools boast of international study curriculums, excellent boarding facilities, the providence of great health care systems, International scholarships, getting access to the best sports facilities and great menu choices for the kids’ meals.

International School of Kenya

ISK comes first on the list as it is currently the biggest and most expensive private school in Kenya. The prestigious school was founded in 1976 in a joint collaboration between the American and Canadian governments.

Since then it has experienced a steady rise in the number of students and currently holds over 1000 students coming from more than 65 countries across the world. Majority of them being Americans, followed by Kenyans, British, Canadian and Dutch students being the least in number.

This prestigious school sits on a 25-hectare piece of land which was formerly a large coffee plantation in the leafy suburbs of Runda. They have adopted the North American school curriculum where students are able to study for a North American High school diploma or the International Baccalaureate Diploma.

The school is divided into three smaller institutions which are; the Elementary school which accommodates pre-kindergarten students to grade 5, Middle school which goes from grades 6-8 and finally the high school which teaches from grades 9-12.

Each school is administered to by its own principal, counsellor and teaching staff. However, they get to share the cafeteria, libraries and facilities for sports and arts.

All teachers in ISK come mainly from Canada, the United States or the United Kingdom.

The school also boasts of a gymnasium, heated swimming pool, several playing fields, and an arts centre which is considered the best theatre facility in Nairobi county.

When it comes to tuition fee, it varies depending on the student’s grade and ranges between KShs 1,500,000 to KShs 2,900,000 each school year.

Below is a sample of their fee structure.

Application fee – KShs 40,000
One-time capital levy – KShs 975,000(paid only once on enrollment)
Pre-kindergarten – KShs 1,561,800
Kindergarten – KShs 2,472,400
Grades 1-5 – KShs 2,608,600
Grades 6-8 – KShs 2,725,900
Grades 9-10 – KShs 2,879,800
Grades 11-12 – KShs 2,994,400
Annual capital levy – KShs 130,000
Bus fees – KShs 220,000

Greensteds International School

Greensteds is a multi-diverse private International school located along the Nakuru-Nairobi highway just 16 kilometres away from the busy streets of Nakuru town.

It is the second most expensive school in the country where students pay up to KSh 1,010,000 in school fees each school year.

The school offers British curriculum education for pre-kindergarten (age 2), middle school and senior school students up to form 5-6 (age 18).

The school is built in a serene environment surrounded by lush green grounds overlooking the great Rift valley. It is very warm and welcoming enabling the students to thrive academically while enjoying the conveniences of modern living.

They accommodate both boarding school and day school students where day scholars are offered ample transport to and fro their homes by the school.

Below is their fee structure:

Play Group 45,000
Creche 76,000
Nursery 88,000
Reception 88,000
Years 1 – 2 122,000 372,000
Years 3 – 4 164,500 447,500
Years 5 – 6 196,500 479,000
Years 7 – 8 259,000 595,500
Year 9 281,000 659,500
Years 10 – 11 317,000 715,000
Year 12 – 13 380,000 786,000

St Andrews Turi

St Andrews prides itself as one of the leading International Schools in East Africa. It was founded in the year 1931 and till date it thrives upon its strong Christian foundation.

The school is constructed on a 450-acre estate in the heart of Molo, Nakuru county. The classroom and dormitory buildings are designed in a residential-like manner and are easily identifiable on aerial view due to its variety of roofing colours; red for the preparatory school, green for the middle school and blue for the senior school.

St Andrews holds a little over 620 boarding students who are aged 5-18. They are taught using the British curriculum system where each of them builds towards IGCSE and A-level examinations.

The school offers great boarding facilities in a serene environment as they are very keen on each student having a similar study experience while avoiding the stress of commuting to and from school. During their free time, the students engage in a variety of activities including; sports, orchestra practice and even drama productions.

Below is a sample of their fee structure per term.

Nursery (day only) ksh 166,000
Reception (day only) ksh 332,000
Years 1-2 (day only) ksh 332,000
Years 1-2 (weekly boarding) ksh 630,800
Years1-2 (full boarding) ksh 663,900
Years 3-4 (weekly boarding) ksh 655,400
Years 3-4 full boarding) kshs 689,900
Years 5-6 (weekly boarding) ksh 702,500
Years 5-6 (full boarding) ksh 739,500
Years 7-8 (day school) ksh 518,200
Years 7-8 (weekly boarding) ksh 757,400
Years 7-8 (full boarding) ksh 797,300

Brookhouse school


Brookhouses is a British-curriculum based school located in the posh suburbs of Lang’ata constituency just 10 km from Nairobi County CBD. The school is constructed on a 14-acre piece of land which is adjacent to the famous Nairobi National park.

It offers early childhood education to senior school education with an enrollment of approximately 750 students who are taken care of by the 130 staff members.

The school has an indoor sports centre which was named after the popular athlete, Paul Tergat. It also encompasses a fully equipped gym, and a massive on-campus theatre named ‘Burudani theatre’ which is a world-class performing venue for music concerts, drama performances and other activities.

Brookhouse has also been the home to many successful individuals such as; Ian Mbugua(actor and musician), Moipei Quartet(singers and 2006 UNICEF ambassadors), Ricard Turere (Inventor of lion lights), Eric Wainaina ( musician and playwright), Dr Louise Leakey (palaentologist and lecturer) among many more.

See their fee structure below.

Annual Tuition Fees:

Little Brookies: 90,000
Pre-school: 245,000
Reception: 260,000
Year 1: 325,000
Year 2-5: 575,000 (including boarding: 1.025,000)
Year 6-8: 625,000 (Including boarding: 1,075,000)
Year 9-10: 695,000 (Including boarding: 1,145,000)
BTEC courses: 335,000 (Including boarding: 785,000)

Fee Extras:

Registration Fee (once): 45,000;
Caution money (once): 100,000 (day) – 200,000 (boarding)
Transport (optional): 52,500 – 72,500 per term
Optional medical coverage (boarding students): 70,000 per term
Yearbook fee: 2,500.

Peponi School

Lastly, on this list, we will talk about Peponi school, an International secondary school based in Sukari ranch Ruiru, Nairobi County. It is known to be owned by Kenya’s first family, the Kenyatta’s and has been long-standing ever since its establishment in the year 1989. It was constructed on a 63-acre piece of land which is less than 1km away from the Thika superhighway.

Students at Peponi are able to study for various British curriculum-based certificates such as; International General Certificate of Secondary education, Advanced subsidiary, Advanced level and also the United States college board examinations including the SATs.

The school has been able to produce several bright minds who went ahead to join some of the topmost universities worldwide like; Stanford University, University of California Berkley, Yale University, University College London, University of British Columbia, London School of economics and many more.

Below is a sample of their fee structure.

Entry Charges – once only payments.
Application Fee 5,000
Registration Fee 15,000
Caution Deposit (refundable) – Kenyan Residents 350,000
Caution Deposit (refundable) – Non-Kenyan Residents 450,000
Pupil’s Pass (only for pupils whose parents are not Kenyan citizens and not resident in Kenya) 5,000
Charges per Term (3 terms per year).
Full Boarders 1,115,180
Weekly Boarders 1,053,175
Day Pupils 731,510

Final Remarks

These are just but a few of the prestigious schools here in the country where you could say that money talks. Not forgetting that these are also the best schools for moulding your children to becoming courageous and fierce goal-oriented future leaders.

Each of these schools ensures that their students receive the best attention and care, not only in school work but also emotional support and in encouraging positive social growth.

Is your dream school or your child’s dream school on this list? Feel free to head on each individual school’s website if you seek to know more about the type of education each school offers.