Trust Issues! Akothee Reveals why She’s not Dating.

Akothee, President of single, mothers has admitted to her fans that in spite of the harsh and don’t care attitude she portrays, the secular musician has tons of insecurities when it comes to matters dating. Everyone would assume the mother of five would be confident enough to battle relationship insecurities. That, however, is not the case.

The ‘Sweet Love’ hitmaker, has had many baby daddy’s and reveals that she was a disappointment to her parents back then at a tender age. That, however, is not the case at the moment, since the celebrated artist is now a successful and independent lady who has learned from the past. The boss lady can boast for running a successful company, Akothee Safaris as well as owning a palatial homestead.

The strict disciplinarian has taught the fruits of her womb the need to work tirelessly hard as well as securing financial security. One of her daughters is studying at a very prestigious University in France.

The mother of five was rumoured to be dating late last year however she didn’t clarify on the same. She recently took to social media stating that she was ready to fall pregnant however she didn’t state who would father her child.

In a recent post on Facebook, the boss lady opened up about her insecurity when it comes to matters dating.

“I have trust issues, even before the relationship starts, am already going. Don’t you think I’m abnormal? I am that person who is always ready to go aki. Someone stick glue on those legs before menopause catches me on the go. One thing for sure, I sleep deep knowing very well that no one is cheating on me.”

The artiste recently revealed that she’s at peace with her baby daddies and doesn’t hold anything against them. At the moment she’s co-parenting will her Mzungu baby daddy, the father to her two boys.