“Unakaa Vibaya!” Fan tells TRHK’s Awiti VS Her Clap Back


Cyber bullying continues to take its toll on the lives of celebrities day after day.

Many influential people often let inappropriate comments pass but every once in a while they snap at fans who take it too far.

Awiti from The Real Househelps of Kawangware was recently Caught in crosshairs with one of her fans who chose to make fun of her looks on one of her social media posts

Winnie Rubi aka Awiti, uploaded a photo of her clad in a beautiful red dress with a slightly exposed midriff which gloriously embraced her figure.

She accompanied the post with a nice caption, ‘If they didn’t invite don’t ask to go.’
Lots of her fans poured out their comments for the beautiful actress.

One fan, however, stuck out after she insulted the actress saying,

“Unakaa vibaya ghai!” with some laughing emojis at the end.

The funny actress soon noticed the comment and she did not hesitate in giving her reply while also laughing,

“I know I look better than you.”

Awiti went on to further shame the trolling fan who goes by the username, Favoured_Sharon on Instagram saying,

“This world is so funny. If this is someone who has the guts to call me ugly then sina langu. @Favoured_Sharon atleast ungekua unakaa Azziad Ningekubali.” Stated Awiti referring to the fan.

Many of Awiti’s fans were also angered by the hater’s comment and they left their comments saying:

@TeetheAries Favoured Sharon, I had to go to your timeline to see what gives you the audacity to call someone ugly. Stop projecting your insecurities on other people. You are trying to make yourself feel better by bullying others.

@LantoiJoyce Enyewe nyani haoni kundule

@EuditsKim Wow, just wow. Before you body shame a woman remember you are also a woman.

@LifeofAngie Seriously why don’t we learn to love and support each other instead of tearing up one another. Sad.