Unbreakable.Jalas and his wife step out in public after the boy’s club saga

The boy’s club saga has not even settled when Jalas stepped out with his wife for lunch. The celebrated radio presenter posted a photo of him with his wife enjoying lunch and drinks at the comfort of each other.

By the look of things, the two are still in good terms and seemed to be enjoying each other’s company as they watched the beautiful sunset.

Their special lunch was preceded by a makeover which saw his wife looking adorable. It’s only few days since , the boy’s club saga hit the airwaves yet Jalango’o and his wife’s bond seems stronger than ever. Jalango’o proudly shared photos and videos of the moments their shared on his social media platforms.

His happy moments put a smile even on hater’s faces especially after many speculated that the two would fall out on their marriage.

Blogger Edgar was the reason behind , Jalango’s exposee after he exposed Jalango’s chats on their boy’s club whatsapp group , in which Jalango bragged about the women he had smashed .

Jalas in his defence said that the group was not about sharing women among them but the group was composed of childhood friends he also pointed out that the leaked messages were just random conversations.

The texts were not really the sole purpose of the group .
The past two days have been very rough for me and my close friends because of the chats from our group. Through the group ,we have achieved a lot in developing ourselves in different fields ,more so investment. There are videos going around ,. I can assure you that none of them is us . That we created the group to share women against us , that’s a lie. That day we were having a random Boy’s chat and that’s how the photos you see came up.

Jalango added that the leaked videos and texts had taken a heavy toll on him and blamed it on Edgar who he said was seeking attention from Netizens. He also stipulated that the blogger had ill intentions against him.

The damage you have caused us can never be repaired Edgar. …you have broken Families , we have lost business and top clients have pulled out on us …we accept our mistakes and ask for forgiveness to anyone we offended .