Utawezana’ Femi One Advices Kenyan Artists to Seek better Opportunities Abroad

Femi One’s success in the music industry is highly attributed to her hard work, patience over the years, awesome creativity and impeccable delivery.

She has managed to bless the Kenyan Industry with great music ever since legendary rapper King Kaka introduced her through the major hit song ‘Ligi Soo’ remix.

This year 2020, the ghetto rapper has dominated the airwaves with her new anthem, ‘Utawezana’ featuring King of genge Mejja Okonkwo.

The song became one of 2020’s biggest hits, trending in the top 5 all over East Africa. This song’s success has opened up big collaboration opportunities for the budding rapper Femi.

Just recently, Femi One came out to express her disappointment of how the government boards in charge of the music industry in Kenya have been neglecting music artists and several other talented Kenyans.

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According to the artist, the Kenyan government never takes care of artists in the entertainment sector, leaving artists trying extra hard to fend for themselves.

Femi spoke of boards like MCSK and FKF, which supposedly are there to protect artists.

She claimed that people who work for such boards are only there to benefit themselves.

None of them gives a hoot about the struggling artist.

So according to Femi, if any talented Kenyan manages to get a chance to work or showcase their talent abroad, they should grab the opportunity with open arms, pack their belongings and go straight away.

“ Ka wewe ni msee uko na talent, whether footballer, unachora graffiti,musician au photographer na umepata chance ya kuenda in other countries, majuu. Yaani mi nakubeg as Femi One, kusanya virago zako zote, uende na usiwahi angalia nyuma. Ata usifeel vibaya ati umetoka hii country.”

She warned any artist who would prefer to stay in Kenya over going abroad that they may languish in poverty for years.

“Hii country doesn’t give a f** about mtu yeyote mwenye ako na talent. Ukichoose kukaa kwa hii country utakufa maskini. Government doesn’t give a f**. Hizi bodies zinafaa kuprotect watu wako na talent; FKF,MCSK wako apo kujisaidia.”

Femi was so bitter when she narrated how you will find talented legends who have no money or property to show for their years of hard work representing our country.

“Ndio maana kila siku mnaskianga kwa TV, msanii mkongwe anaomba msaada. Alikua footballer Machachari sasa anaomba msaada. Please just go.”

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