Vera Sidika Busted for Allegedly Marketing Witchcraft Products

Vera Sidika is once again on the spot with her fans for allegedly marketing witchcraft products.

The socialite dropped a video on her Instagram page asking her female fans to visit one Nigerian site where their marital and sex lives would be transformed.

“Sometimes we just wanna upgrade our sexual lives, make money and live a luxurious lifestyle. The secret is at Omoshola’s place. Oh and by the way you can never go wrong with the pussy fire and royal honey syrup.”

Was what Vera Sidika posted accompanied by a video.

She especially praised the honey syrup which the socialite claimed would help you keep your man so he’ll never have to leave.

“Ladies if you want to get that house, if you want to get him to the bank, you got to use these products. These stuff is amazing. My favorite ones are ‘pussy fire’ and ‘honey syrup’. He’s not going to go anywhere, trust me.”

Omoshola’s place is an online Nigerian sexual products business which helps ladies bring their A-game when with their men.

Female customers to Omoshola’s place have revealed that after using the products, men always come back to them for more and they become extremely generous with their money.

One of the confessions stated, “The day I received my curse breaker I met someone on my way home. Ever since that day, he has been on my case till date, giving me money and all that.”

Omoshola’s empire sells products such as the Curse Breaker, Pussy Fire, Attraction Perfume and even offer butt enhancement therapy.

The owner and founder of Omoshola’s place, Deborah Erioluwapo Ajayi started her business with the aim of helping women hold on to their husbands.

“Every woman should do whatever it takes to hang on to their husbands.”

She said while speaking to Tribune online.