Video: Mejja and His Wife Having a Good Time during Quarantine

Utawezana hit maker Mejja Okonkwo has wowed his fans after posting a video of him and his wife having the time of their lives during this quarantine season.

The gengetone rapper and wife were vibing and dancing along to his famous hit song ‘ Utawezana’.

Fans were intrigued with Mejja’s wife cool dance moves and they did not hesitate to pour out their love on the artist’s Instagram handle.

@Sugarii Kenyan artist nakuanga nimemtambua. That’s my G.

@gifto Waghetto watrue.

@ 2centke Mejja na huyu mtoto ni fayaa. Lakini na kitambi utawezana?

@juliennjoroge Mapenzi aki, wengine ilitukataa.

Mejja’s wife lives a low-key life away from the public scene.

This is why fans were surprised by the fun and bubbly personality she showed in the video.

‘Utawezana’ has been one of the biggest hit songs during this quarantine period.

It did not fail to receive some backlash because of the obscene message it relays.

However, fans fell in love with the song and within One month of its release, the song has garnered a total of 5 million YouTube views.

The song was a major hit and became even more viral after actress Azziad Nasenya released a viral video of her dancing to the song.

‘Utawezana’ blew up with local and International fans getting on the ‘Utawezana Challenge’ train.

This led to the song becoming the number one trending YouTube song in East Africa.

Late last week some fans inquired if dancer Azziad was paid anything for aiding in the song going viral.

Femi One dismissed any claims that Azziad made the song famous and stated that the song was already a hit and that is why Azziad was vibing to it in the first place.

“The song was already trending on tiktok that’s why she did the challenge because she came across it on tiktok.”

Femi replied to a fan on her Instagram handle.