Video: Rogue Bodaboda riders Assault Kenyan Chief for Day Drinking

A Kenyan chief was today harassed by bodaboda riders while walking to work drunk.

• The rogue bodaboda riders demanded to know where the officer drunk alcohol from and which location he headed.

• This action has angered many Kenyans soliciting different reactions.

A video was uploaded earlier this morning showing a Kenyan chief being ambushed by rogue bodaboda riders while walking to work drunk.

The officer was heading to work when one of the bodaboda riders approached him from behind and pulled away his mask.

He then demanded to know where the chief drunk at during that time of the day and in a period where government ordered the shutdown of drinking dens.

“Umekunywa wapi sai juu we ni mlevi? Chief siunafaa kuwa ukitulinda?” The bodaboda rider asked the chief.

The chief denied the allegations and tried to hide the fact that he was drunk even though it was obvious.

The bodaboda rider was angered by the fact that during a time when the government has warned citizens to keep off drinking pubs, an authority figure who is supposed to be a good role model was parading himself in town drunk.

Soon a mob of onlookers gathered at the scene to witness the embarrassing ordeal.

The riders, unbothered, continued harassing the chief. They inquired which location he was heading and even demanded to see his identification card. They even pulled down his jacket to expose his badge.

Apparently the bodabodas were recording the video to send to Kameme TV and expose the drunk chief.

Many Kenyans were angered with how the bodaboda rider handled the situation and took to social media to air out their disappointment.

@RodyDee They should have not harassed him like that. Kila mtu hunywa pombe, atleast they would have been human enough.

@JojezChamp This is wrong, they start like this tomorrow they start beating officers of the law. This should be dealt with appropriately.

@PeterMuraya These acts of violence and harassment should not be tolerated. Each person should deal with corona stress in their own way.

@VeroKrapf Bodaboda guys think they have made it in life. Wangempata bar hiyo ndio shida.

@NickSomba Leave that chief alone. Bar and restaurants are open. This could lead those bodaboda hooligans in jail.