Video;Dj Mo sets size 8’s turn off t-shirts on fire

size 8 and Dj Mo

Excited DJ Mo shared a video of himself setting ablaze the ”annoying’ t-shirts his wife has been wearing to bed. According to the DJ, the t-shirts labelled ”sengenge’‘ turned him off whenever his better half wore them in their matrimonial home.

Tshirts za seng’enge nimechoma and she is sorted now-He laughed

Size 8 caught him red-handed and questioned his motives for burning her T-shirts instead of giving them out. The musician was displeased by the matter given the convenience and comfortability of the T-shirts.


Size 8 later resorted to seeking more attractive pyjamas with the help of her sister and added that she loves marriage as it is full of life.

@mmunyali woi tu tsho tumechomwa na @djmokenya. Sasa tao form ya nice pajamas za kustua 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I just love marriage full of life. God the creator of marriage!!! Subscribe now on YouTube #TheMurayas and watch link on my bio

This comes a few days after Size 8 complained of not receiving conjugal rights for over three weeks from her husband.

Dj Mo in his defence said the t-shirts were ugly and unattractive thus turning him off in the bedroom during lungula.

unajua maboys saa zengine unaingia kwa nyumba umechoka, unapata amevaa tshirt na unakosa psyche. so yenye anaanza kuongea vile ako dry spell, simshughulikii…

Speaking on their reality show Dining with the Muraya’s, size 8 justified,

Tumekaaa three weeks hatujahave sex kwa hii nyumba. fault ni yako. nikikupigia simu you’re busy with your boys.You can’t be busy working and deny me my conjugal rights huyu msee angekuwa ananifanyia job venye anafanya huko nje si hapa kwa hao si tungkuwa sawa,’ said size 8.

Now that DJ Mo has burned the t-shirts to ashes they will hopefully take their intimacy to the next level.

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Check out the video below;

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