Video;Kenyans continue to party in 1824 despite Government directives

Kenyans clubbing


Earlier today, a video of Kenyans partying in a popular nightclub in Langata know as 1824 was shared by Kenyan blogger Edgar Obare through his Instagram stories.

From the video, Kenyans are seen partying, drinking, and dancing without any form of social distancing and there is no presence of facial masks as well. The video shows a portion of Kenyans who have chosen to continue presenting themselves in public gatherings like partying and close contact, therefore, increasing their probability of contracting the deadly disease.

[videopress MkBdk36l]

[videopress ucvURsfm]

The circulating video also revealed that the Kenyans at the bar and lounge were screaming and cheering with excitement as a man with a luxury sports bike directed his bike towards the entrance/exit with a curvaceous woman at the back clinging onto him.

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The popular bar along Lang’ata road seems to be in full operation since the waiters and bouncers are seen partaking in their duties as they served their customers who were enjoying their drinks during the day just before the 7 pm curfew imposed on Kenyans.

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In response to the video, the National Emergency response team in Kenya through Facebook said that it is no surprise that the number of COVID-19 cases has been on a rise in Langata. The emergency response firm also noted that it was careless of 1824 to allow people to socialize in their  lounge because of greed for money, They wrote;

No one should be surprised why we have cases rising in Langata. Our young people have decided not to follow Government guidelines and obviously a greedy Kenyan who does not care whether people contract the disease or not. Remember the disease does not travel by itself someone carries the disease. Parents  if your children if you are not careful you will end up looking after many cases of corona in your households.

The National Emergency response also tagged the Directorate of the criminal investigation, police Kenya and Statehouse Kenya to notify them of the unsuspecting activities happening in the club.

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