Video;Vera Sidika markets sexual enhancers to women

Vera Sidika

Kenyan socialite and businesswoman Vera Sidika has been put on the spot again by her followers after she constantly appears to be selling sexual enhancing herbs and syrups to her followers.

The Veetox CEO took to her Instagram page and urged her female followers to go to a certain website by the name Omosholas which is a sexual wellness spa and make a purchase of a sex-enhancing syrup.

This time, she has targeted her female followers into buying a Royal Honey syrup that elevates a woman’s genitalia into sweetness, wetness, and general wellness. She, however, said that her sexual health and spiciness are already top-notch.

She added that the sexual wellness firm was offering amazing discounts stating that if the ladies wanted to spice up their bedroom activities and relations, then the  Royal Honey syrup was the most recommended product for ladies who experience dryness and related intimacy issues.

The move did not go well with her watching followers who accused her of taking advantage of unsuspecting naive women.

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In her previous marketing of Omoshola’s place a few weeks ago, her followers took the matter to popular blogger Edgar Obare asking him to expose her for selling men trapping charms and herbs post sexual intimacy. Some Kenyans claimed that the products are actually fake and Vera resorted to online hawking because she was slowly becoming irrelevant.

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People asked blogger Edgar Obare to tell Vera that the “juju”  that she was advertising initially does not work on men as they can either decide to stay or stray.

Vera exposed
Vera exposed

Some of her female followers argued in her comments that they are proud of the natural state of their genitalia and they don’t feel the need to add anything to enhance its sweetness.

Wueeh🤣🤣💪🔥🔥🔥 Murugu herbal clinic haina bahati this time rouund😂😂😂😂

Mine is juicy already labda niongeze mautamu.

Kiukweli hata mimi sina hiyo shida my punani ni healthy,juicy so clean 😋🙌🏾😝😝😝😂😂😂😂
Vera neither accepted nor denied that the Omoshola products she was marketing are actually genuine or fake.