Viral video; Kisii man scolds his wife for denying him conjugal rights for 2 years

The angry man’s wife

A viral video of a man from the Kisii community has surfaced online where the man is harshly scolding his wife who attempted to blow him with kicks although she did not succeed at her attempts. According to the video, he was lecturing his wife for denying him conjugal rights for over two years now. He scolds her in their vernacular language which is Kisii.

The series of unfortunate events unfolded in a movie thriller-style as the wife emerges from one of the rooms in their houses and stands in the sitting room before an argument begins to heat up.

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At that point, the man is heard telling the wife to start the fight if she is brave enough to face him and the seemingly agitated wife takes a step back, relaxes her muscles before throwing some kicks in the air just to showcase how deadly she is when it comes to martial arts. The  provoked wife bravely responded that she is ready to battle him physically as translated,

I swear before God I will beat you thoroughly, you are right I can’t beat you once, do you know how much I have suffered in this house?” she said angrily

Wife ready for karate.

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The husband who chose to remain anonymous from the video chose to quickly change the subject of the heated argument and began throwing a series of allegations at the wife which leaves her standing still like a statue, she remained speechless but looked angry. The woman’s Karate skills are commendable indeed.

[videopress JYRqBMam]

The husband said that for the last two years, allegedly, he has not received conjugal rights from the wife and that her meals are always terrible or substandard.

According to the angry man who struggled to remain calm, it was pointless to keep feeding his wife and dress her if she cannot give him his basic conjugal rights in a marriage.

You are here scaring me with kicks, what kind of a woman are you? Throw those kicks, you are a reproach to womanhood, there is no woman who can do what you have done to me. You can’t be fighting me everyday, I’m not your age mate,You can’t control and run me like your project, I am the one who married you, I have never even enjoyed my conjugal rights. You only give it to me whenever you want like I’m your neighbour, Why do I need to feed you or even dress you? It’s been two years now and here you are standing before me that you want to beat me, shame on you!” says the man as the video ends abruptly. 

The video has left many Kenyans on social media in awe and laughter after observing the woman’s behaviour and the anger of the man. Kenyans on Twitter made fun of the situation and many observed that their marriage is very unhealthy and they are better off separated.

Some twitter comments read;

Wakisii shida yenu hukua nini?.bibi amepewa lecture akakaa Stachu

Hio part ya kuenda statue is part of how Kisii women fight ama?

This Kisii guy set a trap and the lady walked right into it, kid’s room for a reason, he chose a strategic place where coming in and going out angles are all covered and set the camera rolling, definitely hidden in his shirt pocket. He’s divorcing her or remarrying soon.

Ikifika hapa I just leave… That man is scared though

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The picture of the arguing couple has been circulating online after the leaked video.

The arguing couple.

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