‘Wajohn ameenda international ‘ Teacher Wanjiku Celebrates Lupita’s Commendation on her Comedy

Teacher Wanjiku a popular comedian and actress, is over the moon and has taken to social media to celebrate after award winning actress , Lupita Nyong’o, commended her on her quality work. Lupita who resides in the States , concurred that Wanjiku’s comedy has been keeping her busy at this crucial time.

Lupita posted a strong message on her Instagram page to celebrate the comedian. ” …When the world is dark and am feeling low , there’s always @teacherwanjiku . Thank you for lifting my spirits this morning and taking me back home for a moment.#sorryworld this post will be enjoyed by the Swahili speakers and folks who like the sound of a foreign language and those who just like hearing people laughing.”

The comedian formerly of Churchill show landed an ambassadorial job for Dare to Aspire Dare to Achieve (DADA) early last year . She’s also a social media influencer and shares her comedy on the platform. She’s the CEO of Mwalimu production which is a content creating company. Using that platform she created the ‘Teacher Wanjiku’ character and animated it specifically for young children.

Lupita Nyong’o is a popular actress and a daughter to the prominent Anyang’ Nyong’o. The actress has made huge steps in her career to the point of getting to Hollywood . Lupita commenced her career as a production assistant in Hollywood. Thereafter she made her first debut with the short film East River. On returning to Kenya, she also acted in Shuga series (2009_2012).

The celebrated actress also doubles up as a film director. She also wrote and directed the documentary , ‘In my Genes’ . Lupita is an award winning actress and she owes it to the role she played in ’12 Years a Slave’ . She plays the role Patsey a woman who’s tortured in a cotton plantation ; the character in the film undergoes overwork as well as rape .Lupita received an award for Best Actress for the role she played in the film.

An elated Teacher Wanjiku took to social media to flaunt Lupita’s commendation. “…thank you Lupita Nyong’o Asante Sana . #wajohn ameenda international .”

No doubt , Teacher Wanjiku is destined for greater things.