Wardrobe Must-Haves: Essential Items For Every Ordinary Guy

Sometimes it feels as if fashion focuses so much on the ladies, leaving most men clueless. As a man, unless you’re extremely stylish, you wear whatever your hands touch first. The results are complete eye sores on other days. Before we continue, let me make it clear, this isn’t a stylish guy guide but basics for every man.

There are items you can’t afford to miss. The wardrobe essentials that effortlessly make you look presentable any day. Unlike us ladies who impulsively buy anything that catches our eye, you tend to go for versatile and durable pieces that will save you from shopping the rest of the year. (lol)

In that case, every item should be worth your money. Understanding this perfectly, here’s a list of must-haves you have to get the next time you shop (if you don’t own any so far).

  • A White Shirt

Have you ever wondered why 90% or more of school uniforms go for the white shirt? No, I don’t want you to dress like a student, look at the bigger picture. You just can’t do without a white shirt. I’d be surprised if there’s anyone out there who doesn’t own one.

It goes with anything and fits any occasion, talk of the crème de la crème of basics.

  • Chino Pants

To put this in typical Kenyan slang, it’s the ‘otile’ pants. Named after the contemporary singer Otile Brown, who dons them any other day he’s not in jeans, chino pants are slim fit pants that end inches above your ankle. If you have bold fashion socks or prefer being without, this pants will make you look good either way.

Get a khaki or go for an earth tone colour like brown. Paired according to your style, you can take it from a smart official to a casual look in seconds.

  • A Navy Blue Suit

Forget the black, that has been left for funerals. A navy blue suit has become the power suit you need to get, it barely disappoints and is acceptable in most occasions. Even if you’re not a suit kind of guy, this is a must-have which won’t fail you when the chance to wear springs up.

  • A Good Watch

I can’t stress this enough, our smartphones show us the time but you need a good watch. It doesn’t have to be pricy, don’t go for the cheap fake ones either. Invest in an economical watch that will stick around for a long while and serve it’s purpose.

  • Loafers

Laced shoes are great but so are loafers. With a wide variety to choose from, buy a pair that represents your personality. Any shade of brown or grey is a great pick. Like most items in this list, loafers are as versatile as they come. Suitable for any occasion and goes with just about everything.

These are just a few items but the whole list is rather long, we’ll look at many more wardrobe essentials. For now, you can trust the ones we’ve looked at will take you a long way. Ordinary outfits don’t have to be boring. Impressions are important so step out how you want to be addressed!