Why Maria cast left their 150M Runda house

Maria Series is a Swahili Telenovela that airs on Citizen TV every Monday to Friday from 7:30 pm. The Series has become a household name because of its popularity to its Kenyan viewers who love to watch local television content. Citizen TV’s Maria cast was recently forced to vacate the Sh150 million Runda mansion after the owner put it on sale.


In accordance with the script and episode that aired in early May, the Hausa Family led by Mr. Williams and Madam Victoria explained that Sophia needed a fresh environment to recuperate. The family thus migrated from their Ksh150 million mansion in Nairobi’s Runda to allow for the recuperation.

However, the real reason behind the decision by Jiffy Pictures, (owned by Citizen TV’s Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla) was that the lavish home was put up for sale by the owners. Savi Empire, a real estate company in Kenya was tasked with selling the lavish home, which they estimated to be worth about Ksh150 million. Undeterred by the logistical issues, the cast has since moved to a new house and has already started filming.

The previous mansion used to shoot Maria

The five-bedroom house that sits on a 0.7-acre piece of land has already been advertised on Facebook by Savi Empire, a real estate agent.

The property is well fitted with the best architectural work. Enjoying the lone and private environment,” the company said.

The real estate agent advertised the house for sale and this put the production team on a mandatory relocation to a new shooting area that currently word as the new Hausa residence.

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sale poster

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A source familiar with the relocation confirmed that they had indeed moved out and had already filmed the new episodes at their new location. Some of the cast members include; Brian Obama (Luwi), Tina Njambi (Lona), Yasmin Said (Maria), Terry Ombaka (Naomi), Dennis Musyoka (Mr. William), Sheila Ndanu (Madam Victoria), Wanjiku Stephens (Vanessa).

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