Woman Crush Wednesday: Grace Sowairina Msalame

Sowairina recently broke the internet after announcing that she is 6 months expectant. The mother of two beautiful twin daughters will be a mom of 3 pretty soon and she’s so happy about it. We’ve seen her on our screens as she hosts a show known as unscripted with Grace.

For the last 5 years, the curvy beauty acted as the brand ambassador for Vivo woman. She feels the clothing brand understands her since it had never been easy to find outfits that fit her right before. As a result, she now owns Sowairina by Vivo cloth line and has already unleashed her first collection named ZaRa after her twins Zawadi and Raha.
As we do it on Wednesdays, she is our WCW today and here are some of her outfits we really love:

• The Black Ruffled Dress


This one handed masterpiece is such a sight to behold. It’s a modest knee length black dress with bold ruffles at the shoulder and hem. She crowned it up with long, statement earrings, big black metallic bangle and red heeled sandals.
With such a look, there’s so many functions you can attend. Making it as versatile as it is beautiful.

• The Black Maxi Dress

First of all, didn’t this pic look so good on her Vogue Cover Challenge? The gorgeous media personality wore an off-shoulder maxi dress which really flattered her. The dress also has a high-low asymmetrical hem and for no particular reason we really love the fabric. She accessorized with a golden metallic neckpiece and simple black heeled sandals with some gold detail.
This dress is perfect, especially to the hour glass and pear shaped women. When it comes to occasions, the only place this might be inappropriate is any formal setting.

• The Red Maxi Wrap Dress

Sowairina killed it with this one. We are not sure if it’s part of her ZaRa collection but we hope it is. Wrap dresses rarely disappoint and this one did her justice. To complement the dress, she added red bold earrings and necklace, and floral heeled sandals.
Well, if you have no idea what a wrap dress is, it’s the one that you literally wrap around you and fasten at the waist.it usually lies naturally on your curves and accentuate the waist. A perfect pick for a whole lot of functions too.

• The Multicoloured body con

For this look, Mama Twins went for this amazing body con dress that goes so well with her body. You’ll hardly ever find her in any outfit that isn’t modest and classy. We love that she often accentuates her waist and shows off her curves unapologetically.

This is one dress that cuts across all settings, with a bold cinch belt like hers it’s a smart casual look. Throw a blazer over it and you are ready for the office or any corporate meeting you might have. Can a dress really be any more convenient? You should definitely but one of these if your closet has none. It will come in handy.
Stay safe, bye beautiful people!