Xtina’s live show.


Social media personality  Aurther Mandela, better known as Xtian Dela, is in the hot seat after being summoned by the  Directorate of Criminal Investigations  (DCI) for his popular club covid show. The controversial influencer altered his fans through Instagram that he had been summoned at their offices for hosting the explicit “club covid ” show over the past few weeks where interested adult participants engage in a twerking competition and the winner walks out with a generous amount of money wired to Xtiandela’s financial accounts by his supporting fans around the world. The online Instagram show aired daily from 12 midnight to dawn

Over the past few days, he kept on postponing the show and he apologized to his followers after the show failed to air informing them that were was a lot going on behind the scenes. The blogger alerted his online followers that he was at the DCI headquarters to record a statement over the explicit online show.

”Hey guys .Unfortunately I won’t be able to come back today or this week too.Alot is happening behind the scenes .Lots of battles being fought .Will keep you posted.Thank you for the support .”He stated in the  post.

Earlier last month, reports emerged that three parents filed a complaint with the anti-crime unit to cancel the online show. The blogger was accused of broadcasting obscene material in his show. He has also been accused of reportedly engaging young girls before the show then later raising funds to pay them.

Xtians Lawyer, however, responded to the complaint filed by arguing that the viewers of the show watch it at their own will and interest adding that the show helped improve the standards of living of many Kenyan girls amid the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Xtiandela at the DCI headquarters

Xtian borrowed the idea of the raunchy show from Canadian rapper Tory Lanez who was the first to bring on this type of entertainment to social media users through his ‘Quarantine Radio’ show on Instagram Live.