You Are The Next Big thing : Zari to Diamond’s Only Daughter Princess Tiffah

Zari Hassan has celebrated her daughter Tiffa Dangote in a sweet message on Facebook. The social media enthusiast, took to the platform to pour her heart out to the apple of her eye.

This happens few days after Netizens blast her young daughter with claims that the beautiful soul has an attitude. Zari however came out clear that her young daughter had an attitude since day one , and there’s very little she can do about it.

Tiffa is Diamond’s only daughter and to say that the two have a tight bond , is an understatement. Recently ,Baba lao hitmaker bought the young soul a princess like kitchen. Tiffah delights at being a chef and her superstar parents try by all means to support the dreams of the little one. The young girl couldn’t hold her joy and thanked her father for the gifts.

Zari’s special message to her daughter read,
you were born to stand out not to fit in .You are talented and the whole world is ready for you. You are everything they are not and that makes them fear, because people fear the unknown. You are the next big thing , if it’s an attitude that you have, then so be it. Never let anyone determine who you should be , the world already has so many fakes /copies. The world needs naturals like you, mama gatchu always….”

Zari has time and again shared Tiffa’s videos as she does her dance moves. Her videos prove that the gem is such a good dancer. Netizens have gone to a point of telling Zari that she’s trying to win Diamond back with the bait of their kids. Zari however is considerate to her children and gives them the gift of bonding with their father. Through a video on Facebook, the boss lady called out on women who deny their children the tight to bond with their fathers.

A whole lot of you black women are the reason why black kids are not growing up with their fathers. A whole lot of you are the reason we have a lot of black guys roaming on the streets because you deny these guys a chance to do what they are supposed to do…