Young Girl becomes internet Sensation after photos of her drinking Cocacola went Viral.


It is not every day that you get to see a simple picture uniting Kenyans and reminding them of their beautiful heritage.

However, one little angel has become the darling of many after she was captured dressed in traditional attire while drinking a nice cold drink.

This young girl from Baringo county has gone viral after a photographer posted a picture of her enjoying a cocacola beverage with the caption ‘Taste the feeling’.

The little village girl was clad in colourful Turkana traditional attire and a necklace around her neck. She happily sipped the Coca-Cola drink to quench her thirst.

The photos were taken by Daggy Shy who is a photographer and he shared them on May 22nd on his Instagram timeline.

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This pictures depicted the beauty of the African culture, with a little touch of modernity. They were taken in the little girl’s village.

People went crazy as soon as he shared the photo and they took screenshots of the photos and spread them all over social media.

Numerous comments started pouring in and netizens even started a campaign where they are urging the Coca-Cola company to endorse this little angel as their brand ambassador.

Some of the Kenyans reactions;

@Hon_Kiptoo This young girl from Baringo is the most authentic representation of ‘Taste the feeling’. Priceless. She deserves recognition from cocacola.

@KamauMaina That kafeeling you get after you drink cocacola

@Joycerutto Beautiful energy and smile.

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