Young Hilarious Comedian Elsa Majimbo Lands Deal on America’s Comedy Central.


Young and funny South-African based Kenyan born artist Elsa Majimbo has a reason to be ecstatic after her comedy videos landed her a show deal on Comedy Central.

The don’t care fun girl has landed an opportunity to entertain her United States of America fans on the pay channel, Comedy Central.

The producers of the show have given the comedy queen a one month show where they will be airing her funny videos.

Elsa proudly informed her fans of her new opportunity through her Twitter handle.“

I’m [email protected]’ll be showing me for the rest of the month. I’m so excited.” Wrote Majimbo.

They loved Elsa the minute they saw one of her videos and even reposted the young comedian on their page saying, “CC watched it.”

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This latest major deal is a testimony of the international fan base that Elsa has managed to attract in such a short amount of time.

Majority of her followers stem from South Africa, but she has also amassed her influence in Zambia, United States and even Kenya.

Sadly, KOT disowned her as she does not currently reside in the country but her South Africa family was quick to embrace the young talent fully.

Elsa Majimbo is one of the many artists who have managed to keep online citizens entertained especially during this season when many people spend most of their time at home.

She has cracked people’s ribs with jokes about quarantine, her love for KFC and much more fun stuff.She uploads the funny videos on her social media handles. 

The young star’s infectious laughter even caught Oscar winner, Lupita’s attention.

The star gave a shout out to miss Majimbo through her twitter account saying that Elsa is one of the few people who has kept her glued phone laughing.

She even urged her fans to go to Elsa’s page in any case they need a laugh.

“@ElsaAngel19 has been making me LAUGH recently. If you haven’t seen her comedy videos yet, go follow her right NOW!! #womancrushWednesday.” wrote Lupita.

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