Young love: Wahu Kagwi remembers buying Nameless first sweater from abroad

Kenyan music pioneers Nameless and his wife Wahu Kagwi are undoubtedly one of the most respected and adored couple in the country.

The two love birds who became an item at very tender ages and at the peak of their music careers have successfully built a beautiful family and still go ahead serving couple goals as they prosper in their marriage.

On an Instagram post, ‘sweet love’ music star Wahu reminisced of how madly in love she was with her boyfriend Nameless back in the day when their relationship was still young.

She posted a picture of a young Nameless wearing a brown sweater. This sweater was apparently one of the first pieces of clothing that a young and crazy in love Wahu bought her lover Nameless all the way from abroad.

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The two have been together for 15 years now after meeting in 1998. ‘Liar’ songstress Wahu revealed in a past interview that they were introduced to each other by Neto, a mutual friend.

Their relationship hit off and flourished and by September 10th 2005, the lovers tied the knot in a beautiful traditional wedding ceremony.

As a celebrity couple, their marriage life came with its ups and downs but the two have stood together navigating every wave that has approached them.

…being in the limelight makes you an easy target for them [media], Wahu said. “We cannot let them destroy what we’ve taken so long to build. Instead, the negativity draws us even closer together.”

They have two lovely daughters as a product of their lovely union: Tumiso who is now 14 years old and Nyakio who is six years.

“They are both uniquely special. Tumi for example is so empathetic towards other people’s needs and feelings, and is such a strong wildlife enthusiast. Nyakio is very organized and loves cleanliness. She is also and quite the charmer. They are both such a joy,” explained Wahu.

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