YouTubers Who Got Recognition from Awesome Tiktok Videos

Social media has a huge impact on people’s lives because that is where people go to connect with others from all around the world, either there family members, friends or strangers. From apps like facebook, twitter and Instagram that have a huge number of users, new app developers have come up with many different platforms for people to have fun like Tiktok and many other apps offered in Google Playstore,  appstore and third-party websites to be creative and show everyone.

Tiktok is an app where you can make short, fun and creative videos that are for entertainment purposes, you can choose to post them on your social media pages if you want. It is not the first of its kind, others from the past include Vine, Musically, Triller or Funimate used widely depending on what was  trending at the time.

Kenyans have not been left behind on such, especially content creators who have a huge following and have to keep up with the trends for there fans, the following three up and coming youtube influencers got more recognition because of there funny tiktok videos,  with one honorable mention of an artist who made this list. They are based in Nairobi.

Anastasia Wambui Nganga

With over 36.4k instagram followers, this beauty makes vlogs and videos on life problems and how to deal with them on her YouTube channel Anastasia Nganga. She recently got proposed to by Festus Kaunyangi, a gospel rapper/singer and DJ, going by the name djlapoze, in October. The couple run a clothing line called Massive Trends that deals with designed jackets. She got recognition from her funny and thought provoking tiktok videos she posts every week on her instagram page @Anastasia nganga.


Daisy Oyuga

She is a talented makeup artist with up-to 33k instagram followers @dzireo. Daisy makes really inspiring makeup tutorials on her YouTube channel Makeup  by DzireO. Her Tiktok videos are funny and well put together that it is hard not to enjoy them.


Flora Alya

She has an up and coming YouTube channel called FloRic – The Monkiees with her partner Eric Sasia, where they discuss various topics while they eat or “demolish” food they have made at home. Her instagram has upto 25.8k followers @Flora_alya where she posts her daily posts and Tiktok videos that are very creative. She is also a great mandala artist. Mandala is a spiritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism which represents the universe, nowadays it is a generic term for circle, diagram, chart or geometric pattern.

Our honorable mention on this list is Avril though not a vlogger is an amazing music content creator with powerful vocal.

Judith Nyambura Mwangi

Known by many as Avril, she is a music artist, actress and entertainer whose career started back in 2009, she has nowadays got more popular from her great Tiktok videos. The mother of one is seeing enjoying herself in the videos. The celebrity is an influencer on instagram with over 1.1 million followers @theavieway which lands her sponsorships deals with major brands in Kenya. For her YouTube channel it mostly has her music videos content.

With new apps coming into market like VSkit which works similar to Tiktok, these fun applications that allows you to use your imagination to your greatest potential make short videos will not stop trending among youths, adults and even possibly the elderly.